PIAblocko's Application.


Jun 19, 2019
Minecraft Username:
First Name:
Playtime (/playtime):
12 hours roughly - had several days on previous Doxa versions.
# of Forum Posts:
5 on the current forum, old forums had tens if not hundreds. I plan to continue being active on the forum as well as the server and discord.
I have owned several private servers in the past, which gave me plenty of plugin based experience and I know the ins and outs of most staff based plugins. I have also had much staff experience on other servers, including a server called LuckCraft, which I started as the server's [Tester] and slowly made it up to [Administrator] before resigning. I was also a [Moderator] on Thanatos Prison for approximately a year, after starting as a [Trainee]. Only did not make it past [Moderator] as the server was overstaffed on higher levels. Also on Previous versions of Doxa, on the first version, I moved over from Thanatos and started as a [Helper] and quickly moved up to [Administrator]. I was a [Manager] on the next version of Doxacraft and now am the [Discord Manager] - I am aware you know all this I just thought it would be proper to list the experience. I have done - at least I would like to say - meaningful work on DoxaCraft before and would be happy to do more once again.
Punishments? (If so, stated what you learned and why you won't do it again):
Why do you want to become a staff member on DoxaCraft? (!):
I like the community and server in general, I have been loyal to Doxacraft for several years and have plenty of experience to back me up. I have approximately way too much free time and can be on for up to 8 hours a day, I always provide sufficient evidence for punishments and work hard as a staff member. On all servers I have been staff on, I have been staff on them for at least 6 months, usually longer than a year and have only ever resigned, never fired. I am also the current Discord Manager and would generally like to do more on the server side of things as I used to on previous versions.
How do you think you will benefit from being a staff member on DoxaCraft? (!):
I generally like helping out and being part of a community so I think I will really enjoy being a staff member once again, I am patient and will happily spend as long as necessary helping others and having fun. I try to remain professional but I am still friendly and enjoy myself.
What can you offer that other applicants may not be able to offer? (!):
Plenty of experience on both the higher ends and lower ends of Minecraft staffing, in management, development and moderation. I also stay loyal and hard working for long periods of time and can always be relied on.
How will you handle players being toxic in chat? (!):
With appropriate punishment, making sure it is known with sufficient evidence on the discord usually following any and all guidelines about mutes/kicks/bans but if not any available just use tempmutes at first and move the punishment to a more serious level on second/third etc offences.