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Mar 22, 2019
If you have been punished and trying to find out what the code means, press CTRL + F and type in the code that you received.

DoxaCraft efficiently uses a code system to simplify our moderation and provide better understanding of players' punishments. Below is a basic layout of the code system.

The first letter in each code stands for the violation type. The second letter in each code stands for the severity (L being low, M being medium, H being high, E being extreme). The first numerical character stands for the violation number.

Chat Violations
  • Caps [CL1] - Targeting a player in chat or causing extreme spam with excessive capital lettering.
  • Spam [CL2] - Flooding chat with useless text.
  • Chat Harassment [CL3] - Harassing a player in chat. Includes general rudeness.
  • Hackusation [CL4] - Accusing a player of hacking.
  • Arguing [CL5] - Arguing against a player in a harassing manner. Peaceful debating is OK.
  • Chat Trolling [CL6] - Passing out misleading information to other players.
  • Mini-modding [CL7] - Modding on behalf of staff.
  • Light Advertising [CL8] - Advertising without links. Example: "Do you want to play on server X?".
  • Inappropriate Topics [CL9] - Talking or joking about inappropriate topics.
  • Chat Rioting [CL11] - Targeting a player in chat or causing extreme spam.
  • Extreme Harassment [CM1] - Using extremely rude language towards a player with the intent of causing distress.
  • Extremely Profane Speech [CM2] - Using extremely profane language.
  • Bypassing Mute [CM3] - Joining on an alternate account to bypass a mute.
  • Malicious Threats [CH1] - Threatening the well-being of a player in ANY WAY. Some threats include: hacking, DDoS, death, etc.
  • Discrimination [CH2] - Discriminating anyone for their physical or mental characteristics.
  • Advertising [CH3] - Advertising with the intent of bringing players to that server. Includes posting IPs (for IP spamming, see Severe Advertising).
  • Revealing Personal Information [CH4] - Revealing the personal information of another player. Examples include: phone numbers, names, addresses, etc.
  • Severe Advertising [CE1] - Purposefully coming to the server with the intent of drawing players away with spamming an IP.
  • Real Money Scamming [CE2] - Intention on scamming a player of their money from virtual goods from DoxaCraft.
  • Malicious Links [CE3] - Posting unsafe links with malicious intent. Examples include: pornography, drugs, generally harmful websites, unapproved Discord links, etc.
Exploitation Violations
  • Bug Exploitation [EL1] - Exploiting a bug in the server without reporting it and with the intention of abusing it for an unfair advantage.
  • Bypassing Ban [EL2] - Joining on an alternate account to bypass a ban.
  • Player Impersonation [EL3] - Impersonating a player with the intention of using it for an exploitation.
  • Inappropriate Skin [EE2] - A skin which is (not limited to): sexually suggestive, racist, etc.
  • Botting [EE3] - Use of automated scripts / programs.
Factions Violations
  • Insiding [FE1] - Player intentionally letting other players harm faction or give information that could be found as helpful to another faction and is harmful to current faction.
Failure to abide by rules will result in a just punishment depending on the severity of the offense.
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